Oral History Project

Memories of life in Greenhill

What is the Oral History Project?

The Oral History Project is a small group of people who are collecting the personal memories from people who grew up or have lived in Greenhill Village and the surrounding areas for many years. We are part of the Greenhill Village History Society.

We are very pleased that the project is now underway and we have interviewed our first contributor.

There was more work to set up the project than you might expect. There are three of us at present who have met and agreed how we will work together and conduct and record interviews. We have looked into the legal and ethical issues particularly around data protection and being clear that written permission has to been given to use information or images that are shared during the interview.

Can you help us?

We need more people to agree to share their memories with us. If you have a relative or a friend or it may be you who has stories to tell about life in Greenhill in the past please get in touch. We will be happy to meet you informally to share what is involved and answer your questions.

We also need 2 or 3 more people to boost the project team. You could be part of this and also be interviewing, transcribing the interviews, keeping records of all activity, archiving etc depending upon your interests and abilities.
How to contact us:
By email to cynthiar.greenhill@gmail.com
By post please write to Cynthia Russell Project Lead, Oral History Project C/O Greenhill Library, Hemper Lane, Sheffield S8 7FE

Act now to preserve memories for future generations.